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Holts Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF (1Litre)



Holts Anti-Wear Automatic Transmission fluid:

  • Contains Anti-rust.
  • Safe for all radiators.
  •  Helps to prevent engine overheating.
  • Maintains the cooling system in excellent condition by keeping flow channels clean and unrestricted.
  • Available in 4 liter gallons.

Directions: Drain the cooling system. Add contents of Holts Radiator Coolant directly into the radiator. Run engine at idle speed for 5 minutes. Radiator coolant works best on clean cooling system. Dirty systems that are overheating must be cleaned first with Holts Super Radiator Cleaner.

Holts Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF: Holts Anti-Wear Automatic Transmission fluid is specially formulated to meet the needs of GM Dexron III, II,E, Ford, and Borg Warner. It is suitable for construction equipment, scavengers backhoes, industrial equipment etc. It is also recommended for use in most automatic transmission, hydraulic, and power steering system of cars and trucks.