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Mannol AG55 Automatic Transmission Fluid (4L)



  • It ensures a flawless operation of an automatic gearbox, guarantees minimal wear, a lasting service life of transmissions and fuel economy even under extreme loads.
  •  it ensures good lubricating properties at low (-45 °C) temperatures in winter and ensures a stable oil film under extreme loads and high temperatures in summer.
  •  The high-technology combination of additives ensures good antifriction properties for gear couplings and superior friction properties for friction elements thus ensuring a significant fuel economy, a continuous and smooth transmission shift and the increase in the service life of all transmission elements.
  • It ensures a coordinated and smooth operation of clutches.
  • It prevents scuffing; – It has an increased thermal-oxidative and chemical stability and resistance to the high-temperature thermal degradation throughout the entire service life.
  • It allows reducing lacquering, formation of sludge, soot and other carbon deposits, increasing the time between oil changes and ensuring the durability of transmission components thus reducing the equipment maintenance costs; – Due to the addition of special inhibitors.
  • It effectively protects metal parts from ferrous and non-ferrous alloys from corrosion when both in and not in operation; – It effectively resists aeration, the foam formation and cavitation, has excellent cooling properties; It has low loss by evaporation;

A special all-season synthetic transmission fluid (ATF) for new-generation  6-speed automatic gearboxes of the ZF Group.