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Original Michelin Tyres 255/45/R20



– Original Branded Michelin Tyres
– Present year of manufacture
– Super-durable thread quality
– Authentic and suited to Nigerian roads
– Safe for all passenger cars with specified Tyre size

Michelin tyres are made with a very simple objective in mind, to go fast while hugging the road as tight as possible. Michelin manufactures tyres to fit on different vehicles, and because of their racing pedigree, Michelin has successfully transferred that notion to consumer tyres. One other thing that Michelin invested a lot of time into is the value for money. Even though Michelin tyres are considered to be on the more expensive end of the tyre pricing, they ensure you get the best for the cash. Through rigorous testing and proper material resources, they make tyres that have the same performance day in and day out.
Michelin strives to create a track of performance from their road tyres. While doing so, they still want to be able to tackle any road condition a driver may run into. For this reason, their tyres range from summer, winter, all-season, touring, and performance tyres. In the performance category, there are high-performance tyres and ultra-high-performance tyres. Through the use of sophisticated testing mechanisms and a constantly evolving manufacturing process, they produce the highest quality tyre fit for use on and off the road.
Michelin tyres do not simply rest on the rims because of their design and repute they are noticeable from a mile away. Unlike most tyres, the treads on Michelin tyres make for easy identification. The look of the tyre is even better after a long and gruelling drive. Even though you can smell the hot rubber the tyre will demonstrate none of the stress it had experienced on the way.