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Liqui Moly Octane Booster



    • increases the octane number
    • cleanses the fuel system
    • cleanses intake ports
    • improves acceleration
    • improves combustion
    • Ideally improves the performance potential of the engine
    • Compatible with all gasoline qualities
    • 200ml is sufficient for up to 50 l of fuel.
Liqui Moly Octane Booster boosts the octane number of the gasoline and ensures that the engine can tap its full performance potential. Optimizes combustion immediately after addition and increases fuel efficiency. Significantly improves torque and acceleration, guaranteeing more driving pleasure. Ensures cleanliness in the fuel system and injection nozzles, thus preventing expensive repairs.
For all cars with 2 and 4-stroke gasoline engines without particulate filters. Specially developed for racing use and therefore not recommended for public road traffic.


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