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Hugel 100-Amps Battery



Hugel 100-Amps Battery: Up to 3 times more cycle life, Longer service life, Suitable for heavy city traffic, Up to 10% more cold cranking power (CCA), Temperature tolerant, Vibration resistant design.

Hugel 100-Amps Battery: Ultra is Hugel’s first sealed maintenance free battery. Designed for new generation EFB Start-Stop vehicles with high electrical consumption needs.The new leakproof Max-Cap® lid system prevents water loss and provides longer cycle life. Hugel Ultra delivers extra performance in heavy city traffic for new generation top segment Start-Stop vehicles with its high quality plates reinforced with specially designed paste formula. Thanks to its double lid, silver tin alloy plates and special plugs that it is safe and has long life in every climate. By completely sealed double lid it has no acid leakage and minimum water consumption.

Mount Flexibility

Accomodates moving without major risk of damage;


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