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Conoil Golden Super SAE 40 1L



  • Superb fluidity over a wide range of temperature & operating conditions
  • Advanced deposits control helps to maintain a clean and smooth running engine
  •  Good oxidation control in resisting oil thickening
  •  Minimizes formation of sludge & vanish deposits to keep engine clean
  •  Conserved energy & fuel economy
  •  Maximizes engine horsepower
  •  Excellent emissions control.

The lubricant– Golden Super  SAE 40, met the specific  automobile engine care requirement of relevant Nigerian industrial standards after series of rigorous and extensive tests of the content and production procedures. Golden Super Motor Oil gives adequate engine protection to older petrol engines, with good detergent and adequate viscosity retention with temperature. It is formulated for those who have their cars’ best performance as top priority. Everything you need for your car engine to perform optimally is included in formulating this product. All your car care needs are solved with this product. Conoil Golden Super is a good quality lubricant specially formulated to give good all-year-round engine protection. It satisfies the performance requirements of most major light and medium duty vehicles.


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