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Car Solar Air Freshener


  • The Intelligent Rotary Purifier Is Driven By Active Concentrating Solar Panels, And The Rotation Accelerates To Emit Fragrance. The Product Is Placed In Front Of The Window, And The Bottom Can Be Peeled Off To Prevent It From Falling. No Need To Charge, Energy Saving And Environmental Protection.
  • Small, Space Saving And Does Not Take Up Too Much Space, You Can Easily Place This Diffuser In The Front Of Your Car To Eliminate Odors And Create An Attractive Aroma, Fresh Air And Long Lasting In Your Car Fragrance. It Can Also Be Used In Offices, Living Rooms, Etc.
  • Note That Since There Is No Battery Installed, The Freshener Will Only Spin On Sunny Days, And The Built-In Fragrance Is More Safe Without Alcohol.
  • Car Solar Air Freshener Is Directly Powered By Solar Energy, Driving The Motor To Rotate, Full Of Technology, No Battery, Environmental Protection And Safety
  • Mild And Non-Irritating Fragrance, Pure Plant-Derived Essential Oil Aromatherapy Tablets Will Evaporate Without Any Pollution When Used. It Is Safe For Children And Pregnant Women.


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