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Airpro Mic Man Luxury Car Perfume and Air Freshener- Gold Bless, Soothing And Soft Fragrance (27 gm) 60 Days life



Airpro Mic Man Luxury Car Perfume and Air Freshener:

  • Hanging car air freshener
  • Formulated using natural perfumes
  • Provides refreshing bursts of pleasant fragrance
  • Long lasting


Airpro Mic Man Gold Bless with Revolutionary Fiber block technology means 3X life than any water-based car air fragrances. Proven to eliminate bad odors in your car and provides a soothing fresh fragrance.

Design-  Stylish, Chic, and Swanky looking Bottle designed adds up to the interior of your car. Fragrances Type- It provides a soothing and soft smell, elegant gold color makes it more classy & gorgeous.

Colour- Golden

Other Variants- This product is also available in 5 different fragrances Velvet Mask, Romantic Encounter, Sports Club, Arabian Night, Ocean Escape.

About Airpro- Airpro has a range of distinct, refined, and captivating car fragrances, that complement the positive energy & bring in a blast of freshness. Our brand is fueled by innovation, creativity, and a multicultural setting. We take pride in producing unique and aesthetically charming car fragrances across the globe. Our broad range of car perfumes is inspired by nature and pop culture trends. Try this ultimate car fragrance and we are sure that you will forget about all your stress, tensions, and other issues.