OEM Engine Oil for Toyota & Lexus (5W30, Fully Synthetic Oil) 1Litre

MANNOL 7709 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SM/CF Motor oils for cars and transporters Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products: SAE 5W-30 API SM/CF ACEA C2 ACEA A5/B5 ACEA A1/B1 Mannol 7709 O.E.M. 5W-30 is a modern synthetic engine oil specially design for use in TOYOTA and LEXUS cars, as well for minivans and SUV�s. Optimum for up-to-date diesel and gasoline engines, with multi-valve technology VVT-i, with and without turbocharging. The combination of unconventional base oils together with the latest additive technology guarantees a motor oil that provides exceptional protection against wear and keeps the engine clean in every operating conditions.

3,300.00 4,000.00

Specially formulated for your Toyota and Lexus engines. Give your car’s engine what it needs and it will return the favor.