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What engine oil should I use for my car?

One phrase common on the lips of most Nigerians when asked how often they service their car engines is “ahhh…every 3 months! I don’t even joke with it”. The pride in that response is often fattened by their ignorance of what exact oil grade they have been using for this maintenance procedure. The common answer is Mobil of course! (Did you hear the loud pride in that too?) And I know they aren’t mechanics and shouldn’t care that much on [...]


Wiper blades…not as easygoing as they look.

As long as there will always be windscreens, wipers would always be needed for improved clarity. Rainy or not, they are simply indispensable! What continues to amaze however is, how often we come across car owners who are unaware of the fact that most cars come with varying lengths of wiper blades. The common assumption is that wipers are generic enough to have same length installed on all cars. This is why many shop for their wipers in traffic [...]

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