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Remember when you bought your first car? How you treated it like an egg and felt so proud? You probably realized – as you took it for that first ride – that you would do anything to ensure it served you for as long as it possibly could. Ensuring longevity of course requires that you adopt safe driving practices, but most importantly, it also means that you would need to hire the services of a mechanic who knows his onions properly.

As a car owner in a bustling city, the importance of having your car stay in tip-top form cannot be overemphasized. This is why you expect your mechanic to run a thorough diagnosis in order to prevent certain unforeseen hiccups on the road.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of mechanics in this part of the world are either unable to carry out a full diagnostic analysis or lack the proper tools and equipment required to do so. Hence, they analyze to the best of their knowledge and produce half-baked reports. The effects of such practices are not felt in the short term, but can result in long term damages which usually end up being painfully cost-intensive.

We decided to point out a few important car details that are ignorantly overlooked by a lot of veteran mechanics. Ensuring these details are checked will not just increase the lifespan of your car, but also prevent you from spending a fortune on maintenance.

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Cabin Floorcabin-floor

Water leaks can go undetected for years, resulting in different issues ranging from

  • Wiring faults,
  • Intermittent kick-start failures and
  • Corrosion to mention a few.

This is why it is important to periodically check the cabin floor to ensure there aren’t any leakages from any location, especially from a clogged AC drain hose.

Engine Pressure

engine-pressure-PSIThe engine pressure is the amount of pressure exerted by the piston on the fuel/air mixture before the spark plug fires the mixture. A lack of pressure in one or more cylinders can cause the car to lose power, jerk or run roughly. Over time, this serves to weaken the engine. Checking the engine pressure should be an integral part of your car’s servicing.

Chassis Rust

chassis-rustIt is important to periodically check for rusts on different parts of your car as it can become a major problem when it forms largely beneath the car surface and gets within its underlying components. Rusts can cause core components of a vehicle to fail, thereby resulting in fatal accidents. Early detection is usually the best way to prevent rusts from spreading to other parts of the car.

VIN Check


It is very important to carry out a VIN check before the purchase of any vehicle. This ensures you get every important detail you need before deciding to make a purchase. Failure to do a VIN check can blind-side you to any previous issues the car might have had and lead to endless repairs in the future or even accidents during transit.

Owner Profiling

LegalAs much as inspecting a car before a purchase is necessary, it is also important to seek to verify the legitimacy of whomever it is you intend to purchase the car from. While most mechanics can vouch for the authenticity of a car, many of them might not be drawn lines between discerned traits of the present car owner with the general health of the vehicle. A very well-detailed interior and meticulous car documentation speaks volumes of the maintenance culture of a car owner and possibly, the high likelihood of buying a properly used car. The opposite is of course debatable, but generally doesn’t feel like a safe purchase.

N.B: Over 40% of accidents on Nigerian roads are caused by either a lack of proper vehicle care or lackadaisical diagnosis, which leads to failure of core components in different parts of the car.

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